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YOUR VOTE: StratfordToday to broadcast candidate roundtables

Coming soon to, the pre-recorded candidate roundtables will be moderated by Editor Paul Cluff and Craig Thompson of Ballinran Entertainment
image_6483441, Stratford's free daily source of local news, is presenting a series of election roundtables with the candidates for mayor and city council, which will be pre-recorded and posted on our website.

"The upcoming municipal election will be a pivotal one for our community," says Paul Cluff, Editor of StratfordToday. "With three new candidates running for mayor and at least five new seats available on Stratford city council, there is heightened public interest in what promises to be an exciting and engaging campaign."

Given the large field of candidates for council, each 60-minute session will be limited to five or six participants to give everyone running the opportunity to provide their positions on specific issues.

The election roundtables will be moderated by Cluff and Craig Thompson, of Ballinran Entertainment. Since the sessions are pre-recorded with no studio audience, members of the public will have the opportunity to have their voices heard by submitting their questions in advance to StratfordToday via the email:

"There are many different ways of engaging public interest in elections," says Cluff. "There are debates, one-on-one interviews with the media and various other public forums and campaign events. As a media platform, we've chosen this roundtable format to encourage thoughtful discussion about the issues facing the city and to respond to questions and concerns from voters."

Submit your questions to: 

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