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Stratford Property Solutions: A couple's dream of fixing homes together

Cassandra and Steve's passion for fixing up homes led to the creation of a business that offers a wide range of services, from concierge services to painting and decor consults.

Stratford’s Property Solutions is a business born out of the shared passion of engaged couple Cassandra Nadalin and Steve O’Brien. Although the company is relatively new, the dream of fixing homes together began ten years ago when they first started dating.

The business offers a wide range of services, from concierge services when people are away to window washing, assistance getting homes ready for sale, minor repairs, and painting and decor consults.

"It's going great," says Nadalin. "The spring has really picked up, and we're doing a lot of kitchen cabinet makeovers, painting, window cleaning, and helping people prep their houses for sale for the market by deep cleaning. So we're growing very fast."

Providing quality work for their customers — the reason they get up in the morning — is at the centre of their business, and Nadalin says their customers become an extension of their family.


"You get to know people when you spend some time with them," Nadalin explains, adding that some of their clientele live on their own, are widowed, or have health concerns, and being able to connect with them while fixing up their homes creates a bond.

Nadalin, a lifelong entrepreneur and certified health and life coach, and O’Brien, a recent retiree from a 30-year corporate career in warehousing and logistics, work well together, with her passion for home decor and maintenance and O’Brien’s handy MacGyver-like skills.

"I love the painting and things like that, and Steve is often behind the scenes doing the dirty work, like sanding and things like that," she says.

Now entering the spring season, Nadalin and O’Brien say the business has taken on a life of its own, and they see themselves serving and helping to beautify the homes of people in their Stratford community and the surrounding areas for years to come.

"We offer a small-town friendly approach and a free consultation," Nadalin says. "They're going to get quality work from us, and if we aren't fit for their requests, then we do our best to refer them to someone who can help."

To learn more about Stratford’s Property Solutions, visit their website here.