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Plan your winter maintenance and winter tire swap now

Stratford Kia offering a sweet deal on new winter tires

Here’s a statistic that may surprise you.

According to recent studies, November is the month with the highest number of reported car accidents. Surprisingly, there is no greater increase in car accidents occurring in the winter months than other months of the year. That may give you a slight increase in confidence when heading out on the road; however, taking a proactive approach and getting your car ready for winter is the best way to improve your safety when driving in icy winter conditions.

According to Bobin Mathew, General Manager at Stratford Kia, one of the most important steps you can take to improve your vehicle safety each winter is swapping out your summer tires for a full set of dedicated winter tires.

“Before the snow hits the ground we recommend people put on their winter tires on for safety reasons,” said Mathew, who took over management of the multi-bay Kia dealership nearly three years ago. “Winter tires provide an almost 30 percent better stopping distance which is important in slippery winter driving conditions.”

As part of any winter tire swap service appointment, Bobin says that vehicle owners should also have a full check-up conducted on their vehicles. Taking the wheels off provides technicians with a great opportunity to inspect the brakes, test the battery, and complete a check up of other systems including heating systems and antifreeze quality. It’s a simple service appointment that can provide vehicle owners with the peace of mind they need during sloppy winter driving conditions.

Stratford Kia has four service bays offering professional service on all makes and models of vehicles. As a used car superstore, Stratford Kia also offers a large inventory of certified pre-owners cars, trucks, SUVs and EVs. New KIA vehicles are also arriving daily with a variety of different trim and colour options

Right now Stratford Kia is encouraging drivers to make the switch to winter tires by offering an exceptional deal on new winter tires. Prices start as low as $699 for a complete set including rims, tires, and tire pressure sensors. Prices vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle, and each service appointment comes with a free carwash. For convenient oil changes, Stratford Kia also offers no appointment service on a first come first serve basis.

To shop for new and used vehicles or to book your winter tire swap and maintenance checkup, visit Stratford Kia online.  For sales, service, and parts, call 519 508 5755.

Bobin Mathew, General Manager at Stratford Kia