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Nancy Campbell Academy in Stratford opening doors for a day of learning for local youth

Try a Private School for a Day

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to try a private school for a day?

Wonder no longer, Nancy Campbell Academy in Stratford is making that happen on May 14.

Nancy Campbell Academy is a not-for profit private school with both day and international students, located in Stratford. It provides Ontario Ministry of Education certified classes for grades 7 to 12.


“At Nancy Campbell, we like to say we build a community of encouragement,” explained Director of Student Placement, Nancy Elliott. “We build each student’s capacity by engaging them, through acts of service that builds confidence and help them find their purpose, find happiness.”

She continued, “We want our students to feel welcome, to feel competent, to feel happy, at our school. We want our school to be a place where students want to be. In a recent survey, the vast majority of our new students said they felt welcomed as soon as they arrived here. They made friends the first day, and as a consequence, their anxiety went way down. Sounds like we achieved our goal,” she smiled.


Nancy Campbell Academy is inviting local grade 7 to 12 students to Try a Private School for a Day. May 16, local youth who have registered can come to the Academy and experience what life is like there, for one day.

“Students will attend an assembly, do some icebreaker activities, then work in our music studio with Rapper/Educator Karim Rushdy,” said Elliott. “Then, students can try one of our other classes, enjoy a hot lunch in our cafeteria, and attend a World Citizenship Workshop. There, they can expect to have fun while learning how to communicate and problem solve, globally.”


Students finish the day with a tour of the dorms, and an opportunity to try out another class in their grade level.

“We expect the youth will feel like celebrating, at the end of the day. They tried a private school! smiled Elliott.

Elliott finished, “Every child should feel happy at school, they should feel like they belong, that they want to be there. We want local youth to have the opportunity to feel this, this community of encouragement. We want to give them some tools in their toolbox, to up their happiness quotient. We look forward to welcoming everyone here on May 14!”

Local students looking to Try a Private School for a Day can register here.