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Make 2023 a year of work-life fulfillment

Gain deeper insight into your team and organization, set goals, measure progress and achieve the results you want this year

Phillip Chisholm-DeVeau has worked for over 20 years as an entrepreneur, founding several companies, both micro and small.  

“I realized in working with people that sharing knowledge only goes so far in someone's personal development,” said Chisholm-DeVeau. “So, I embarked upon a new career as an ICF Accredited Coach.”  

Coaching empowers clients, enhances their learning ability, and helps leaders make real, sustainable change to reach their desired business goals.  

Over three decades, Chisholm-DeVeau has helped many entrepreneurs set up their companies, aided in creating their business plans and mentored several entrepreneurs while they built their dream careers.  

When working with business owners, he said he helps them tap into their unique and authentic leadership style. From there, they begin to work collaboratively with the whole team.  

“​I firmly believe that business is people. Teams support leaders, and leaders drive the vision. My vision as a coach is to inspire people and to empower leaders through strength-based coaching and meaningful learning that brings deeper insights to aspiring or established leaders and their teams, creating a climate that sets goals, measures progress, and achieves results.” 

About Spectrumx 

Spectrumx provides small business organizations and their teams with strength-based coaching and meaningful learning that brings deeper insight to their people and their organization, creating a climate that sets goals, measures progress, and achieves results in the Stratford, Kitchener and Waterloo, Ontario areas.  

In addition to one-on-one coaching and team coaching, Spectrumx offers three business mentorship programs, foundations:

  • Learn what is needed to start a business and what is involved in running a business.
  • Focus: get clear on your goals, create a focused business framework and plan for success.
  • And strategy: identify what is working and what is not working in your organization, determine where you want to go, and create a plan to measure your progress. 

“At the beginning of the year, a lot of people are re-evaluating their lives, whether in work or personally,” Chisholm-DeVeau said. “Entrepreneurs are looking to adjust their lives and businesses in a new post-pandemic world. Figuring out what they want, what brings them fulfillment.” 

“I'm available to help you navigate this new world. So much has changed business-wise, how information flows through their business, how people work. We have remote teams, some teams being asked to come in, and we’re a little bit more spread out now. So, a coach would help small businesses navigate this new world.” 

If you’re looking for a change and want an accountability partner, it's a great time to invest in a coach. Contact Phillip Chisholm-DeVeau at Spectrumx today.