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Cannabis 101: Edibles and beverages

The team at Little Leaf Cannabis Co. in Stratford explain this expanding category of cannabis products
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The world of cannabis has been steadily expanding since legalization, and that includes cannabis edibles and beverages. Innovative new products are hitting the shelves of your local cannabis store each week.

Village Media spoke with Leanne and Paul Thompson, co-founders of Little Leaf Cannabis Co. Inc., to find out more about this exciting category of cannabis.

Cannabis Edibles for a Range of Tastes

Cannabis edibles are not just the familiar gummies and chocolates anymore.

While these popular products are still available in a wide range of formulations, there are even more types of edibles to choose from. Interesting flavour combinations like lemon elderflower, blood orange, passion fruit, and white chocolate eggnog edibles are spicing up the shelves at your local cannabis retailer.

“We will be stocking macaroni and cheese soon where the cheese is infused with cannabis. Last summer, we had cannabis freezies and right now we have pop rocks, which are really nostalgic for some of us,” says Paul. “You can also get flavourless crystals that you simply sprinkle on food or add to a beverage.”

Beverages Are Changing the Way We Socialize

For many people, consuming alcohol does not align with their health goals, so they are turning to drinking cannabis beverages while socializing. These drinks come in a variety of flavours and use different combinations of cannabinoids in order to deliver a range of desired effects.

“You can get lower dose beverages that you can sip all night or you can choose one that has 10mg of cannabis. You can even mix these beverages with soda water to make them last longer. Some companies are starting to produce strain-specific cannabis beverages which give a true flower experience,” says Paul.

Low and Slow is Key

If you’re new to edibles, the key is to start with a low dose and go slow. Edibles can take some time for you to feel the effects.

Leanne suggests easing in slowly. “People who are new to cannabis often gravitate to edibles because they might not want to smoke. The challenge is that it can take some time to feel the effects and some might end up taking more because they don’t feel anything for a little while,” she says. “It takes patience for people to find the level that is right for them.”

The time it takes for you to feel the effects of edibles can vary depending on the products. “Regular edibles that ties the cannabis to oil can take an hour or longer to breakdown in your digestive system,” explains Paul.

“Edibles that are produced using nanoemulsion technology bind the cannabis to water which leads to a faster onset in only ten to fifteen minutes,” explains Paul.

Storing Cannabis Edibles and Beverages Safely

As with any type of cannabis and alcohol products, keeping them away from children is important. Paul and Leanne suggest locking away adult beverages, edibles, and cannabis products.

“We always recommend a lockable safe storage box where you can keep all of your cannabis products. You can also invest in a lockable bar fridge. These eliminate the risk of children accidentally getting in there,” says Leanne. “The packaging that edibles come in is very difficult to open, so that adds another layer of safety.”

The variety of edible and drinkable cannabis products is increasing quickly. Stop in at Little Leaf Cannabis to speak with one of their knowledgeable team members and find out what’s new in edibles and beverages.

Little Leaf Cannabis, Stratford’s only locally owned and operated cannabis lifestyle company, is located at 804 Ontario Street in Stratford or you can shop online.