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United Way Perth-Huron announces new director

Kristin Crane joins UWPH's Social Research and Planning Council
Kristin Crane

United Way Perth-Huron (UWPH) is welcoming Kristen Crane as the new director of its Social Research and Planning Council (SRPC).

Formerly lead of the Huron County Economic Development Immigration Partnership, Crane said in a news release that she is excited to take on the important role. 

“The SRPC and UWPH have a long-standing reputation for collaborative leadership in Perth-Huron. I look forward to contributing to a team and organization that positively impacts the community in such meaningful ways.”

SRPC co-chair Beth Blowes said Crane's previous experience and connections with service providers, government and business, make her an ideal choice.

"The council is looking forward to working together to further develop the SRPC’s role in gathering data and offering insights into the social justice issues that mean the most to people across the region," Blowes said.

The social research and planning council, operated by UWPH, includes community volunteers dedicated to increasing well-being through the collection, analysis and distribution of information related to local social justice issues including poverty reduction, income security, quality of life, living wage and equity, diversity and inclusion. That research and advocacy helps the local United Way better understand root causes of local issues and mobilize the community to create effective, innovative solutions.

Crane replaces outgoing director, Joelle Lamport-Lewis.

“I’d also like to thank our outgoing director, Joelle Lamport-Lewis,” added Blowes. “The SRPC’s research and advocacy not only helps UWPH make informed decisions, it is invaluable to the wider work of creating stronger communities. Joelle contributed so much to building the SRPC. We will miss her vision and enthusiasm.”