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Stratford to plant 400 trees and shrubs in October

As part of the initiative aimed to plant 2022 tress and shrubs in 2022, the ReLeaf Stratford project has already planted 1,842 native trees and bushes
Dan Farwell of the Master Gardeners in front of the tree planted in front of the Stratford-Perth Rotary Hospice on National Tree Day, earlier this week.

Thanks to donations of $2,268 from community members and a $5,200 grant from the Donald McTavish Conservation Fund, the ReLeaf Stratford project is planning to plant 400 native shrubs in October as part of the goal to plant 2,022 native trees and shrubs in 2022.

The ReLeaf Stratford project has already planted 1,842 native trees and shrubs in the city. 

The 400 native shrubs will be planted along the bank of the Avon River at the John Street Weir on Oct. 1 at 10 a.m. Residents are encouraged to join the initiative and advised to bring a shovel and sturdy shoes with them.

The ReLeaf Stratford project was launched to raise awareness in Stratford and across Ontario about disappearing native birds and animal species due to loss of habitat, which also supports insect populations by providing food for birds and animals.

Without native plants, community members are left with empty and silent landscapes.

However, local residents are coming together to prevent this frightening trend.

The individual donations from community members will be used to plant 250 native shrubs this fall. The grant from the Donald McTavish Conservation Fund held within the Stratford Perth Community Foundation will help plant 150 shrubs this fall and continue planting an additional 400 native shrubs and small trees in the spring of 2023.

For more information about the ReLeaf Stratford Project, visit this website or Instagram and Facebook pages. For questions and comments, email at