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Stratford sees big jump in break-ins last month

Police believe the person responsible for many of those break-and-enters is in custody
Stratford Police Service HQ.

There was a jump in break-and-enter calls made to the Stratford Police Services (SPS) last month in Stratford. 

There were 29 break-and-enter calls made in the Festival City in August, more than doubling the amount in July (13) and June (10). 

At yesterday’s police services board meeting, Insp. Jason Clarke told the board that the person believed to be responsible for many of these break and enters is currently in custody.

After a summer with no police services board meetings, the SPS had three months of statistics to unpack yesterday.

Calls and charges remained relatively stable over the three-month period. 

In June, there were 1,994 calls for services and 298 charges laid, in July there were 1,915 calls made and 369 charges laid, and in August there were 1,923 calls made and 308 charges laid. 

Notably, false alarms sharply increased in July. There were 60 in July compared to 37 in June. 

That peak didn’t last. In August, false alarm calls dropped to 41. 

There were 63 motor-vehicle collisions in June, 57 in July, and 56 in August.

“No Currently Validated Permit” charges, charges laid when there is no valid sticker on a license plate is up this year.

That charge makes up the majority of tickets issued by SPS. 

There were 31 charges laid in June, 13 in July, and 14 in August. 

To date there have been 255 charges issued in 2023. In all of 2022 there were a total of 182.