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ICYMI: Charity gala promises fun for a good cause

Tickets are still available for the gala on Saturday night
The inaugural Teahen's Children Charity Gala and Auction takes place this December. Organizer Courtney Teahen is promising some fun for a good cause.

In case you missed it. This article was previously published on StratfordToday. 

With summers sometimes full with golf tournaments, the Teahen family are taking a swing at a different kind of fundraiser. 

The inaugural Teahen Children’s Charity Gala and Auction will warm up the month of December. 

Organizer Courtney Teahen has enjoyed getting the winter event organized. 

“I’m really excited about this. We're finding the interest seems to be with community partners … wanting to get together to dress up locally and feel they're buying a ticket, not necessarily for a Christmas party, but to get together with like minded people and feel like we can make a difference.”

Teahen Construction and Plumbing, the family company, have run charitable events before, so there is some experience and dedication to community. 

The winter gala will benefit a few great causes. 

The Teahen Family Nutrition and Wellbeing Fund is operated through the Stratford Perth Community Foundation. It consists of two parts: school-based nutrition programs, operating out of both the Avon Maitland District School Board and the Huron-Perth District Catholic School Board, and scholarships.

“We get the food out to the schools, and they are for breakfast programs, for snack programs, fresh fruit and such,” Teahen explained. “The kids know they can go to the office or they can go to the snack room or perhaps in the corner on the teacher's desk … if a child shows up to that room or that breakfast program they can eat. And that's the way we want it.”

Additionally, the fund goes to six scholarships for area-students enroled in a college, university, or apprenticeship programs. 

Teahen said that being an A+ student is not the main criteria but rather being a good citizen with a clear goal. 

Teahen’s children shared stories from school about kids going hungry and the family decided to help. 

“I feel almost foolish at the ignorance that I had feeling ‘well, that happens in big cities,’” she said. “I didn't realize how much it was going on, at every one of the schools.”

Teahen’s children are older now, though that plight is still prevalent, making this year’s gala all the more important. Teahen said 100 per cent of the money goes towards the fund. 

This year, though Teahen understands that everyone is feeling the affordability crunch, they are hoping to raise $20,000 from the gala. She also stressed that money can be donated at anytime through their website

Musical guests are Loreena McKennitt and cellist Caroline Lavelle. There will be a live, silent auction, and a raffle for a diamond gift giveaway.

The gala Dec. 2 runs from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Tom Patterson Theatre. For more information, contact Teahen at [email protected] or 519 275-2557.