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INSIDE THE VILLAGE: In detention with teacher-turned-comedian Gerry Dee

This week on the podcast: A chat with the country's funniest teacher, who is best known to audiences for his signature role on the hit sitcom 'Mr. D' and his hosting duties on Family Feud Canada

Welcome back to Inside the Village, a one-of-a-kind podcast where all news is local — and no topic is off-limits.

On this week's episode: A private lesson from Canada's funniest teacher.

From his signature role on the sitcom "Mr. D" to his hosting duties on Family Feud Canada, Gerry Dee has made audiences laugh from coast to coast.

This week, the real-life-teacher-turned-comedian hits the big time: a guest spot on Inside the Village.

Dee drops by the show to promote his new book — Funny You Should Say That — and an upcoming comedy tour of the same name, with scheduled stops in Orillia, Toronto and Sault Ste. Marie

He reminisces about his time in the classroom, his jump to stand-up comedy, and what it’s really like to be a Canadian celebrity. Spoiler alert: plenty of people don’t recognize him when he's out in public.

Also on this week's podcast: the world’s most prolific loser of elections — 108 and counting — is running for office yet again, this time in the provincial byelection in Milton, Ont. Could this be his year? We'll find out May 2.

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