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W.G. Young Funeral Home is recognized as a Community Leader through its investment in expanding local news coverage. Thanks to its participation in the Community Leaders Program we are able to enhance areas of content that were underserved in the past. W.G. Young Funeral Home proudly supports Helpers and the inspiring stories of the people making positive impacts in Stratford.

The W.G. Young Funeral Home was founded by the Young family and opened June 1, 1984 with the philosophy “your wishes tended to in a warm friendly atmosphere”. The funeral home is still owned and operated by the Young family with the same values.

There is now a second generation of the Young family to carry on the tradition of providing meaningful and caring service, along with assisting families in planning and personalizing a dignified service.

Our Everlasting Tribute Tree Planting Program began in 1990 with the planting of a grove of mature trees at Avondale Cemetery. The trees were dedicated as a living memorial for those families who had lost a loved one. In having an annual tree planting program we believe that it helps maintain and enhance the beauty of Stratford. Our funeral home approves each year in which suggested area the trees will be planted. Each tree is fully guaranteed and is properly cared for by the Stratford Parks Board. The trees planted consist of different species that are native to this area. The Everlasting Tribute Program is unique to Stratford. It allows the Stratford Parks Board to have a long term tree program that is privately funded and the size and quality of the trees provide instant beauty and warmth to an area. Our annual memorial and dedication service provides a place for those who have lost a loved one to reflect and remember with other families we have served. This service has become an extension of the funeral process, realizing the need of families to deal with their grief in a healthy and open manner. Our family and staff would like to dedicate the trees to be planted this year as a living memorial to the life that was lived and shared by you and your family.


Planning for your funeral pre-arrangement enables you to determine your last wishes in advance. You can gain peace of mind by choosing the services and products you want after you pass. Moreover, putting your affairs in order now will save a lot of heartache and burden for your loved ones. Your funeral pre-arrangement is indeed an important part of your overall estate planning. You can decide what type of funeral and commemorative service you want to have. Do not leave these decisions to your loved ones. Remember: reading the Will is not part of a funeral pre-arrangement; this is often done after the funeral and commemorative service. These decisions must be made carefully, with love, to help your loved ones to overcome a very difficult moment in their lives.

Thinking ahead can help you make informed and thoughtful decisions about funeral arrangements. It allows you to choose the specific items you want and need, and compare the prices offered by several funeral providers. It also spares your survivors the stress of making these decisions under the pressure of time and strong emotions. You can make arrangements directly with a funeral home.

An important consideration, when pre-planning a funeral or celebration of life, is where the remains will be buried, entombed or scattered. In the short time between the death and burial of a loved one, many family members find themselves rushing to buy a cemetery plot or grave — often without careful thought or a personal visit to the site. That’s why it’s in the family’s best interest to buy cemetery plots before you need them.

You may wish to make decisions about your arrangements in advance, but not pay for them in advance. Keep in mind that over time, prices may go up and businesses may close or change ownership. It is important to make sure your family is aware of your wishes.

Put your preferences in writing, give copies to family members, and keep a copy in a handy place. Don’t designate your preferences in your Will, because a Will often is not found or read until after the funeral. And avoid putting the only copy of your preferences in a safe deposit box. That’s because your family may have to make arrangements on a weekend or holiday before the box can be opened.

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